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August, 2022

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This project aims to understand user experience with (an advertisements website in the U.S.) by using heuristic evaluation, competitive analysis, and usability testing

My role

Led the whole project as the team leader

Study 1

Heuristic evaluation:

We evaluated Craigslist website using

Jakob Nielsen's 10 Heuristics to discover key usability issues, including positives and negatives


2 weeks


  • Make use of icons to enhance recognition

  • Make use of dropdown menus to reduce clutter on the homepage

  • Introduce dedicated buttons for unflagging and for going back to previous pages. relies on the browser's "back" button

  • Provide more error messages

  • Offer suggestions to correct typos

Heuristic evaluation report:

Study 2

Competitive analysis:

We took a competitive analysis of Craigslist’s competitors and influencers. We listed four influencers and their inspirations for Craigslist. We made recommendations to Craigslist based on the findings


2 weeks


Craigslist has advantages over its direct competitors in terms of its business scale, reputation, and ease of use, but it could be better if it improves its UI design and adds functions like a rating system, online payment option, social interaction

Competitive analysis report:

IST597-Competitive analysis copy.pptx

Study 3

Usability testing:

Evaluate user experience with Craigslist.

Identify improvement opportunities for the redesign


3 weeks


  • Homepage interface: make use of icons to reduce clutter on the homepage; use dropdown menus and reduce redundant information; use different background size of font to emphasize “posting” link

  • Navigation interface: Build a better searching system to make sure the results are relevant to the keyword; Redesign the navigation bar at the bottom of each page to clearly show the page number and how many pages there totally are

  • Information verification: Provide verification of products before it is posted to the public; Locate users after getting users’ agreement; Introduce a rating system for sellers that can be viewed by all consumers

  • Private message system: Provide users better communication by adding a private message system, so that consumers and sellers can communicate directly and securely.

  • Filling in guidance: Give instructions on what parts are necessary or unnecessary to fill in; Give instructions or hints about how to fill in each textbox

Usability testing report:

Copy of IST597-Usability Test